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A little background on DNS…

Traditionally, DNS has often been an overlooked portion of the IT infrastructure,
but as the Internet becomes more and more comlex, DNS becomes more vital. When
the Internet was first developed back in the 80’s, the Domain Name System was in
a rudimentary phase compared to what it looks like today. Now there are currently
over 60 billion web pages on the Internet, with over 80 million websites, all of
which cannot be accessed without DNS. There are thousands of ISP’s, hosting
companies, third party service providers, all woven together across an extremely
complex network architecture. Companies are investing big dollars into their IT
environment, but not without spending a lot of time researching the most reliable
solutions they can find. DNS is now becoming part of this research and this website
is designed to help. I hope you find these reviews useful and informative for
your online endeavors.

This website is designed not only to provide you with users’ reviews of dns providers,
but to also provide in depth information on the various providers that exist today.
It should help guide you to make an informed decision when choosing a solution for
your online business. Speak your mind and share your experiences with various DNS
providers so you can help steer others in the right direction.

Managed DNS:

The most important thing you need to consider is that your network is only as good as your DNS. When
a user types in yourwebsite.com, the first link in the connection chain is DNS. In order to reach your
website, a user gets routed to your dns server to find the IP Address of the domain. The user is then
routed to where that IP is located; your content server. What most people concentrate on is the part of
the network that comes into play after the dns is resolved. I constantly ask the question, why? Why is
DNS any less important than your load balancers, database servers, and content? If the DNS doesn’t resolve
than the rest is useless. I couldn’t care less if you lived in a mansion on the beach and partying with
celebrities. If I don’t have the address to your house then I can’t come over to enjoy it.


This is typically the most important aspect regarding DNS because there are visible
results that can be measured. Here are a few things to consider regarding the
performance of your DNS. Read more…


The security of DNS has become increasingly important over the years. The information
contained within the Domain Name System is extremely sensitive yet is often wide open
for attack. Read more…


Having control of your External DNS is often extremely valuable and important. There
are a lot of companies out there who don’t really care about managing their dns because
they hardly ever need to make a change or update a record. However, the majority need
control of their DNS on a daily basis. Read more…


When making your final choice on how you want your DNS handled, you need to look into the
Service Level Agreements that are offered and what they mean. A lot of the DNS provider’s
out there offer a 100% SLA or near to it. Read more…

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