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Akamai is the leader in content delivery and also has a global dns platform. You must be a CDN customer to use their DNS. Their DNS node locations are undetermined at this time and they only offer a secondary DNS service. They require you to maintain your own primary DNS server to administer changes that are pushed out to Akamai‚Äôs zone transfer agents and then to the name servers. The zone transfer agents are designed to authenticate the zones before delivery to the name servers. They run their own resolver code as well as IP Anycast across the network. They provide 24×7 support and a 100% SLA.

Additional Services:

Content Delivery Network

HTTP redirects (URL Forwarding)


Their basic CDN package includes 2 terabytes of information for about $1400-$1500/month. 6-8 terabytes will be about $0.45/gig.

Their DNS service is a flat rate for the most part at $1700-$1800/month. If you want their load balancing solutions, both percentage and geographic, its another $500/month. To add their auto failover solution as well, it will cost another $600/month.

More information at www.akamai.com


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    Akamai provides a great CDN network and their DNS is pretty good too. However, they require you to run your own primary server that their network pulls from. So if you don’t feel like administering your own server, forget about using them. This also causes updates to DNS a little bit slower since you’re sending updates to their network. They have everything you really need though. I use their failover and load balancing services as well which work really nicely. Akamai is a solid company overall so you can’t really go wrong here.

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