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DNSFilter is a venture-backed startup that provides edge-layer security via DNS for modern companies that are no longer tied to a central office. They are a DNS Resolver with two distinct anycast networks (providing failover capabilities), and over 70 points of presence worldwide on every continent except Antarctica (a list of all locations can be found here). DNSFilter has over 35 categories, not including separate threat categories that includes phishing, malware, botnet, and even new domains. Major features include advanced reports, Roaming Clients for all devices (Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android), Active Directory integration, and a REST API. They protect over 15,000 organizations from ransomware, phishing, botnet, and other cybersecurity threats—all while running on the fastest network within the DNS security industry. DNSFilter identifies threats up to 154 hours faster than competitors, and uniquely categorizes more than 76% of domain-based threats, including zero-day threats.

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