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DNSimple focuses on making it easy for you to manage your DNS.  They allow you to do domain registration without having all the other offerings that come with registering a name.  You can register many TLD’s including .com, .net, .org, .us, .ca, .me, .info and several others.  They support most record types, provide Vanity nameservers at no charge, and offer a REST API for domain management and automation.  You can get a signed SSL certification from them for $20 a year, and they offer 301 redirects at no charge.  Check out their website for more information.



Silver Package – up to 10 domains – $8/month

Gold Package – up to 50 domains – $18/month

Platinum Package – up to 500 domains – $50/month

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    I used DNSimple for a controlled migration of Registrar, and they proved to be a great choice for a short term host. The fee structure quoted here isn’t accurate anymore. It’s gone up a bit, but it also has a flat rate charge. Clients love not having to guess at what the bill will be like.

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    Thanks for pointing out the pricing update! It is now up to date as of 10/17/2013.

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