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Dynu Systems

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Dynamic DNS and managed DNS service provider with 10 globally distributed name servers. Their dynamic DNS service and IP update software support both IPv4 and IPv6 updates. They support most DNS record types, round robin load balancing, vanity name servers, URL and port 80 redirects as well as DNS failover service. They give you an easy to use interface to control your DNS as well as REST API for domain management and automation. Their domain registrations are hassle free and you can get a signed SSL certificate for $17/year. They provide free 24×7 online ticketing support and phone support for paid customers.

Additional Services:

URL and port 80 redirects
Dynamic DNS
Domain registration
SSL certificates
Email hosting and backup
Inbound and outbound SMTP relay to bypass ISP block on port 25
System Monitoring & DNS Failover – monitoring protocols include Ping, TCP, HTTP(s), match string
More details:

TTL can be set to as low as 5 seconds on any given record.
Their DNS failover service allows you to get notifications about downtime in email and SMS and update A, AAAA, MX, CNAME records as well as URL/Port redirects.
Their email backup service will hold your emails for up to 14 days and inbound and outbound SMTP relay allow you to host your email server on non-standard port 26, 2525 etc.


Free – 4 free third level hostnames for dynamic DNS service, 4 domain names for managed DNS service with up to 4 DNS records each
Member – $9.99/year – up to 500 hostnames for dynamic DNS service, 500 domain names for managed DNS service with unlimited DNS records, service discounts for email and SSL
Corporate member – starts at $99/year – member benefits, more domain names, no query limits plus phone support
Failover service – ranges from $9.99/year to $349.99/year depending on the number of monitors


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    I use Dynu’s dynamic DNS service and SMTP relay service. They have solutions to every issue that you may encounter with a dynamic IP address. You can use dynamic DNS to host website and remote access.
    Like other ISPs who provide a dynamic IP address, mine blocks port 25 as well. Dynu’s email store/forward and outbound SMTP relay service saved the day.

    Very reasonably priced, support is helpful and prompt. No complaints so far.

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    Super fast DNS propagation time. Easy to use and manage.

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    ReliabilityNot Rated
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    PerformanceNot Rated
    ManageabilityNot Rated

    I’d like to add one thing to the list. Dynu supports DNSSEC and it is free if you have your domain name registered with them.

  • Overall Rating11111

    Horrible company. Do not patronize.

    I paid for their DDNS service. One of the benefits is priority technical suppoprt. I have twoopen tickets and other than the auto-response they have never responded.

    My DDNS account doesn’t work. Neither of my e-mail addresses are recognized. My user name is not what I set up. I use 1Password so I am not trusting my memory here.

    I cannot log into my control panel, cannot ask for a resend of my account verification letter, cannnot request a password reset.

    This company has but ONE review per year. Why? Why are there not lots of reviews? I suspect this company is maybe just one guy who is using dynu as a cash cow.

    Terrible company, terribe suppoprt. AVOID DYNU.

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