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This provider focuses on full authoritative managed DNS and intelligent load balancing capabilities.
They support many record types including wildcard records and allow dynamic DNS on A & AAAA records.
You can lower your TTL settings down to 15 seconds, and they have a REST based API for dynamic provisioning.
They offer free assistance in getting setup and provide ongoing email based support only. Their load balancing
capabilities include, priority, geographical, round robin, any available, and weighted.

Additional Services:

CDN Offload – dynamically offload traffic to a specific CDN provider based on load or availability
Monitoring – TCP and ICMP healthchecks, plus a single user-defined check for ICMP, TCP, HTTP, HTTPS, POP3,
Service Status Dashboard – including stats on queries

Pricing: Paid Add-ons

They will support an unlimited number of DNS zones with an unlimited number of records
(0.10 Euro/Month per zone, minimum buy of 10 zones)

Availability Alerting – via SMS or email (1 Euro/month)

Load Balancing – 10 Euro/month per Geohost

Healthchecks – 1 Euro/month

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    Currently testing several hosted DNS providers: gslb me is easy to manage, the graphical interface is user friendly and intuitive and balancing algorithms are more powerful than other providers. Recommended.

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