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Acquired by Dyn, they provide both static and dynamic DNS services with 5 node locations across the US. They have a variety of different add on services including load balancing and failover and run their own proprietary software resolver. They have what they call a guaranteed SLA and support is available by phone/email from Monday to Friday 9am-8pm EST.

Additional Services:

  • Domain registration through Internic
  • Email and web hosting services
  • Email recovery
  • URL and email forwarding
  • Spam and anti-virus filtering
  • Outbound mail relay service
  • HTTP relay service
  • Percentage and Geo based load balancing
  • IP Monitoring and Failover


They have 1,2 and 5 year contracts, and they give you a discount if you sign up for a longer contract term. Their basic package which includes a subdomain of, is $25 for 1 year and $40 for 2 years. They have multiple other packages that are more expensive and include various other services. The premier package gives you a more flexible domain such as One of the more expensive packages is the Premier package with 200mb of mail store & forward for $200 a year. They also provide web and email hosting for $300 a year. You can visit the website to get more detailed pricing.

Further Information:

Monitoring and Failover protocols include HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, FTP, TELNET, PING (ICMP) and POP3. Will take more by request.

More information at


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    I came across Nettica after searching for a company who provides Geographic load balancing. I will say that I’m pretty happy with their service. Everything seems to be working the way I want it. I will say however, their support isn’t the best. If you need help on a weekend, forget about it. Also, be prepared to sign at least a 1 year agreement.

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