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Zonomi provides a fully redundant DNS network across 4 locations – Dallas TX, New York, London, and Auckland NZ.  They are managing over 30,000 domains currently and have a lot of management capabilities.  They support all record types, flexible TTL’s, an HTTP URL API for custom integrations, Dynamic DNS, and instant updates.  They also have a failover service that integrates with Pingability and they offer Vanity servers.  No contract required or setup fees.  Their SLA outage is defined as DNS queries not being resolved for more than 10 minutes in a 24 hour period.


Free Package:  1 domain, 10 records, 1 million queries

Pro Packages:  $1 per domain per year

$10/year – 10 domains, 100 records, 5 million queries (must start with 2 units)

Then they sell more units:  1 unit = 5 domains, 50 records, 2.5 million queries

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