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They promote ease of management through a master-slave DNS architecture with the master behind the firewall
and at least 2 slaves answering DNS traffic. The hardend Linux OS is fully synchronized between the DNS and DHCP, and a failover unit can also be deployed. It has several automation and validation features including auto updating
of zone serial numbers, reverse mappings, provisioning of IP’s and updates to slave servers. Browser
administration with multiple user accounts for delegating specific access. The appliance only communicates
with authoritative servers so its invisible from the outside world, helping to prevent port scans. Connections
to the UI are secured via SSL and those made between servers use SSH and TSIG. Also supports DNSSEC and signed
master zone files.

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    I really like the setup I have with them. Managing dns records and making updates is so easy. I also really like the auto update feature. However, I’m not sure it works with active directory which i think i’m switching to, so that’s one disadvantage. Someone tell me if i’m wrong.

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