Managed DNS

The most important thing you need to consider is that your network is only as good as your DNS. When
a user types in, the first link in the connection chain is DNS. In order to reach your
website, a user gets routed to your dns server to find the IP Address of the domain. The user is then
routed to where that IP is located; your content server. What most people concentrate on is the part of
the network that comes into play after the dns is resolved. I constantly ask the question, why? Why is
DNS any less important than your load balancers, database servers, and content? If the DNS doesn’t resolve
than the rest is useless. I couldn’t care less if you lived in a mansion on the beach and partying with
celebrities. If I don’t have the address to your house then I can’t come over to enjoy it.

I’d like to break down DNS into six categories that you should always consider when setting up your DNS.
Most of this implies to external, authoritative DNS. Click sections below to read more.

1. Performance
2. Security
3. Managebility
4. Reliability
5. DNS Failover
6. DNS Load Balancing

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