DNS Reliability

When making your final choice on how you want your DNS handled, you need to look into the Service Level Agreements that are offered. A lot of the DNS provider’s out there offer a 100% SLA or near to it. This doesn’t reflect how good of a service or how reliable of a network they have, it just explains what they’ll be responsible for should something happen. Do some research on each company to see if they have ever had a network outage since their inception. You’ll find that most have had at least a few minutes of down time in their history of providing DNS. If you’ve chosen to use your own hardware solution, do similar research. Find out how reliable the devices are, including end of life, replacement of boxes, etc…

You need to understand how important your online business is and what 1 minute, or even 1 second of downtime means to your company. Research the technologies that these companies utilize, who their clients are, how long they’ve been around, the size of their network, and know what you’re signing up for. A lot of DNS providers you’ll find don’t even offer an SLA and their service is free. Go figure. Do you want to rely on a company like this who is literally the backbone of your business? Do you want to place your business in the hands of a company who you are giving no money to and who offers you zero guarantee of service level?

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