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Akamai Acquires Xerocole for DNS Improvement

March 11, 2015 – Akamai has acquired Xerocole, a five year old startup providing recursive DNS services to allow ISP’s to improve their own offerings.  Akamai’s focus has always been around improve performance of applications and they had been using their ‘Fast DNS’ solution to help with those requirements.

Xerocole will enhance their DNS offering.  Xerocole has built a platform that can support both IPV6 and DNSSEC.  IPV6 renders simple programming capabilities that allow network providers to avoid redesigning their platforms and easily scale up services and ensuring security at the same time.  Their recursive DNS has been designed keeping in mind speed, security, and flexible DNS policies.  It also allows carriers to leverage domain errors by offering personalized services based on subscriber preference and driving more revenue.


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