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Application layer DDOS attacks on the rise

February 25, 2013 – According to research firm Gartner, 25% of Denial of Service Attacks this year will be application based.  The more traditional approach that hackers take is flooding your sites with too many requests your servers can handle.  Thus taking down your website.  However, organizations are figuring out ways to stop this type attack.  Therefore, hackers are getting smarter and not only flooding your servers, but they are sending targeted commands at your applications which makes them unavailable.

These types of attacks were seen against the large banking institutions towards the latter half of 2012, and are predicted to continue even further in 2013.  These attacks are even harder to handle when combined with bandwidth based attacks.  Most network based attacks hover around 5-10 Gbps, while last years attacks added up to 70 Gbps.

It’s important that organizations consider rearchitecting their networks to better prepare for these attacks.  Purchasing a box and throwing bandwidth in front of it only goes so far.  It’s critical that vendor diversity is deployed because each vendor specializes in mitigating different types of attack vectors.  Unless you’re willing to invest well over a million dollars in hardware and personnel, you may want to consider utilizing a DDOS provider that has done all the heavy lifting already.


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