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Big Increase in DNS Based DDOS Attacks Last Year, Indicates More Frequent and Larger Attacks in 2015

February 6, 2015 – Nominum believes that based on the number of attacks seen last year, we’ll be seeing a steady increase throughout 2015 as well.  One of the reasons for the increase had to do with home consumer gateways containing malware, and this exploit can be ported to smart connected devices.  In a nutshell, this means that the growth of Internet connected devices is going to be a problem as it relates to ddos attack vulnerability.

Nominum’s team of researchers saw a spike specifically in DNS based ddos attacks.  In December of 2014, an attack of about 1 Terabit per second was seen, which was double the size of the record breaking attack of 500 Gigabits the month before.  These malware infected devices are a huge vulnerability that attackers are exploiting.  As an example, just 100 compromised devices took down a network of 1 million subscribers last year.

Here are a few reasons why attacks are expected to increase in 2015:

– It requires very little skill to launch an attack and its very inexpensive

– DNS resolvers are everywhere, making them an easy source to launch attacks.  Specifically, DNS service providers because they are always available and offer high performance.

– 100 million home gateways are shipped each year, and the forecast is 50 billion connected devices in the next 5 years.

– In 2014, Nominum reported 24 million home routers containing open DNS proxies being used for DDOS attacks.


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