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Cloudflare to Leverage Virtual DNS to Mitigate Enormous DDOS Attacks

March 13, 2015 – Regardless of what organizations and network providers do to mitigate DDOS attacks, the attackers always find a way to keep up.  One of the more popular and effective methods of launching a DDOS attack as of late is the use of botnets.  This essentially creates a massive amount of queries towards a target site which becomes tough to defend.

Cloudflare is introducing a new technology they believe will help with this.  The virtual DNS service is designed whereby an organization points their name servers at Cloudflare, which provides protection and acceleration.  There is no need for a company to move their DNS records; they simply stay on the companies’ existing servers.

According to Matthew Prince, Cloudflare’s CEO, Virtual DNS will act as a big DNS proxy spread throughout the globe.  This makes it much faster and acts as protection for customers’ name servers.

By doing this, the attack never touches the customer’s name servers or infrastructure.  According the Prince, they have 4 terabits of capacity, which is great for Cloudflare, however, it’s forcing attackers to change their methods.  He also mentioned that this new service can help speed up the adoption of DNSSEC because they can sign DNS records that they are issuing.



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