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DNS Made Easy Launches Beta Traffic Management Service Constellix DNS

February 19, 2015 – The idea of Constellix DNS, offered by DNS Made Easy, is to give users a more accurate and precise level of DNS configurations.  Constellix Sonar was the first part of their full traffic management suite designed for optimized performance by providing an analysis of a website’s performance and pinpoint issues that may be occurring.  So essentially, a performance monitoring solution.  Constellix DNS is the final piece of this traffic management suite and helps users optimize performance based on the results that Sonar gives.

The Beta stage for the Constellix DNS servers now consists of 5 points of presence, and will expand to more worldwide locations before the final production launch.  Some of the new features that Constellix provides are the following:

– Global Traffic Director – This seems to be an extension of their existing geo targeting capabilities where you can specify unique zone configurations on particular regions of the world.  So for example, you can make sure that anyone coming from Europe resolves to a specific IP address.

– GeoIP – Matching queries to an IP / Region / City / Network lookup service.  GeoIP “Filter” and “Proximity” can be applied to A, CNAME, and AAAA records.

DDOS Protection & Alerting – Offers an internal reporting methodology to block malicious hosts.  Unsure of any further details here.

Weighted Round Robin Load Balancing – Specify weights of round robin traffic to A, AAAA, and CNAME records, bundled with site failover.



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