Google and UltraDNS Team Up

May 14, 2010 – Google and Neustar have joined forces to improve the accuracy of routing across the Internet.

About a month ago, Google entered the market with a free public DNS service, which now competes with OpenDNS.  The goal of this project is to increase the accuracy of detecting where an end-user is coming from geographically, so as to route them to the closest data center.  Currently, there is no way to tell the exact location of a particular end-user, only the recursive servers that are serving them.  So how can this get more accurate?

The proposal between Google and Neustar would allow recursive DNS providers to pass off a portion of the user’s IP address to the Authoritative provider, specifically the first three octets.  This will give Authoritative providers a better idea as to where specific end-user’s are coming from.

Neustar knew that if they kept this system proprietary, providers would be hesitant to join, so they created an open system.  Neustar just “wants to make the Internet a better place.  Anyone, even competitors, can publish and subscribe to the system.  The more people that subscribe, the more valuable it becomes.”


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