Hurricane Sandy – are you ready?

October 29, 2012 – With Sandy approaching, companies are doing everything they can to put redundancy in place.   Or at least they should be.  It is highly recommended to setup at least a standby server just in case your primary location goes out.  And it’s always best to spread those locations out geographically for situations like this.  Maybe one east coast and one west.  If you are setup in the cloud, this will be a lot easier for you.

You will also need to have something to trigger that failover.  DNS is really your best option for several reasons…

1.  DNS is the first touch point for the end user, so by initiating the failover at the DNS level, it’s faster.

2.  DNS Failover removes a single point of failure.  With a hardware device, you run that risk of that device failing, especially in a hurricane.

3.  DNS Failover is the easiest and quickest solution to setup.  A DNS provider can easily upload your zone files, swap out your name servers, and you’re up and running.  You can setup your IP ranges very quickly.  Just make sure to adjust your TTL settings as low as you can.


Stay safe everybody!!


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