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Off Topic – Apple Hires Angela Ahrendts

October 15, 2013 – Ok people…let’s go a bit off topic here because this is interesting.  Apple hires Angela Ahrendts, previous CEO of Burberry, to oversee their retail stores.  Ms. Ahrendts has one impressive resume and some people are even saying she could eventually take over Tim Cook’s position.  What do you all think about this?  Let’s hear your thoughts.  Does a fashion expert have what it takes to transition into the technology world?  What will she bring to the Apple table?


  • Great topic. I don’t know all that much about Angela Ahrendts, however, she obviously knows what it takes to run a massive global company, which is good. Articles have talked about how Apple envisions collaborating with her to help design their wearable technology, like the watch they are launching. In my own personal opinion, unless Apple designs a watch that looks like normal watches and not futuristic style, it will fail. I don’t think the mass market today is ready for “Jetsons” style jewelry, and based on the sound of it, that’s what it will look like. I think most people wear watches because they are stylish and look like “timepieces,” not weird, futuristic wristbands. That’s my two cents.
    Overall though, I am sure Ms. Ahrendts will bring a lot to the table though!

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