OpenDNS’ Recursive Network Now Serving 1% of the World

March 23, 2010 – The Recursive DNS provider, OpenDNS, just announced through a Press Release that they now serve 1% of the global Internet, or 18 million users.  The need to have more control over DNS has driven a large amount of businesses and home users to use the OpenDNS platform.  In the last year, usage of the service has actually doubled, with the desire to block websites and have quicker response times.

Recursive DNS is a very critical piece of the Internet.  Its technically not needed for the Internet to function, but there
would need to be a whole lot more Authoritative servers out there if they didn’t.  Recursive servers serve as a caching
server so a user doesn’t have to ask for an authoritative response every time.   The first time a user queries a domain name, the Recursive server asks the Authoritative server for the IP, and then cache’s the answer for a period of time.  They essentially get the answer locally.

Other than ISP’s and Telco providers, there are a few other Recursive providers out there including Google and Neustar.  OpenDNS has been around the longest and currently holds the largest market share.


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